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isbert Hindennach

224 pages
over 400 illustrations
German / English
hardcover, format 24 x 30 cm

The book ist divided into the main themes:
- General Theory and Driving Tips
- The Unimog at Speed (rally use)
- Winch Technology
- The Importance of Tyres / Tyre Test
- Unimog U 4000 - the highly mobile multi-talent

Presentation of the new extremely off-road capable Unimogs U 3000 to 5000 and driving test.

Gisbert Hindennach, who has been active on the off-road scene for many years, tells you in this book how to deal with difficult terrain in a Unimog. The language used is clear and simple and all the details you need are provided. Many practical examples are given and numerous illutrations are used to demonstrate the anticipatory and appropriate driving, technical knowledge, physics basics, realistic risk estimation, proper use of available controls and exploitation of the Unimogs technology needed and that it is all very enjoyable.